24 May 2014

A Bribe!

Hey guys!! Time for some shameless bribing from the artist!

So, one of my favorite internet series in the entire world, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, is kickstarting to make more episodes!! This is apparently so important to me that I'm holding my own reward tier for the project!!


If you can prove to me that you donated:

5 = I will sketch in ink any Bettencourt character you wish!

10 = I will ink sketch any 2 or more characters! That includes some boy/boy if ya know what I mean ^_~

25 = I will full-on ink and photoshop color any character(s) you want!

30 or more = you get 2 of any of the above commission offers! Or I can draw any character(s) outside of Bettencourt for you if you prefer!

ALL sketches will also be mailed to you as well, if you wish, with free shipping!

Just take a screencap of your contribution confirmation (including amount, obviously) and email it to staff@welcometobettencourt.com and I will reply asking what character(s) you wish and for an address if you want the sketch mailed to you.

Thanks guys!! Wish I could offer more but with this plus the amazing rewards you'd get for backing on kickstarter itself, maybe that will be good enough motivation ;-) It would mean so much to me and even more to Becky & Joe's campaign!!



PS. This is included for any fans that may have already contributed 5 or more!

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