24 Mar 2014

Merchandise??... and Fanart


It has been a long time and we don't know if anyone really reads our new section...But we have been talking about it for a while and have decided to create and sell some buttons in the near future. Please let us know if you are interested :D

Also, sorry for the delays but we have new fanart up! We appreciate all the support and hope you continue to enjoy our work!

Best wishes,


imightbeapanda, 24 Mar 2014

I would love to get merch :D

To lazy (Guest), 25 Mar 2014

To lazy to log in I would too!!

:D (Guest), 29 Mar 2014


Bloodstainedhowl, 08 Apr 2014

My friend and I who read this comic and highly anticipate updates think that buttons would be amazing and we'd definitely have a big interest! (We can add them to our hats! XD )

AnimeFanaticGirl, 18 May 2014

Awesome I live this comic!!! Merchindice would be awesome!!!!

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