24 May 2012


Hello Guest(s),

So summer is just around the corner... and the "temperature's are up there and it's hot in Topeka."

ANYWAYS... as a treat to the all of you we are glad to inform you that starting JUNE 01, 2012(Friday) will be having DOUBLE UPDATES. We will update every Tuesday and Friday until AUGUST 18, 2012(Friday).

Also next Friday(06-01-2012), look forward to some new gallery pics and stuff! =D


p.s. we don't live in Topeka....


Guest, 25 May 2012

Exciting news indeed and is that a reference from foster's I see?

crosschyld, 25 May 2012

That is indeed a reference from Foster's =D

queensilian, 25 May 2012

LOL yay! WB to a livable life to serve your fans

bluswordgrl, 25 May 2012

Yay, double updates! I'm so looking forward to where this is going!

hEaRtSofLeAd, 26 May 2012

MY TOE IS HOT PICK IT!!!!!!!!! lol I will never forget that.

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