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07 Jul 2015

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So this is the end for Bettencourt Hotel!

Stop by Friday for our final (possibly teary) goodbye and some very exciting news about what's to come in the future!! :D



Nat816, 07 Jul 2015


Shinxo12, 07 Jul 2015

Confused... wha??...........

Carneeval, 07 Jul 2015

Huh. Well.

NeoNemesis, 07 Jul 2015

For those of you who don't get it, his real little brother hasn't been alive for a while. Instead, Oliver makes new "litter brothers" out of the people that work for the hotel. Who they just killed was Christian and now it's Lucky's turn I guess. Or maybe I'm totally wrong.

hotcoacoandgirlscoutcookies, 07 Jul 2015

wrong. :/ @NeoNemesis: That's a fine theory, but Oliver say "I always wanted a new little brother." Implying that he's not had a new brother before. The point the author is trying to make is that Oliver is going to experiment/torture on lucky like he did with his brother before.

WarriorNun, 07 Jul 2015

Wait...WHAT!? OAO

Bandito, 07 Jul 2015

what? What?? WHAT?!?! *cries*

...sequel please?

Setachan, 07 Jul 2015

No nonono! Oh gosh WHAT an ending! What a cliffhanger. Augh. ;; man is there a sequel in the future? I hope!

MegaAnimeFreak7, 07 Jul 2015

*Screams really really loudly*

GabrielGrey, 07 Jul 2015

Well this is definitely a happy ending for Oliver! :D

abysssolider, 07 Jul 2015

*holds face in hands* Ugh this comic x-x Amazing and just ugh i love it and hate it at the same time Ahhhhh x-x

Hyannah, 07 Jul 2015

OH MY GOD WHAT A TWIST. Holy shit! Oh my god. I'm like...I'm really emotional omg. I must have been like 13/14 or something when I read your original BH comic, and back then I was absolutely enamoured with it. So much of the story has changed and it's AMAZING. I've been following the new one for like...2 years now (oh my god) and I have the same feeling you get when you finish the last page of an amazing book....melancholy but so satisfied. Well done, guys!

Kitty (Guest), 07 Jul 2015

Emotional Turmoil I've been here since almost the beginning of this damn comic and this will be the last time I'll ever see another update. Now I'm sad. I looked forward to updates and now... ;-; ...nothing. What an ending, though. 10/10

Onyxlight, 07 Jul 2015

Damn.... didn't expect it to end like that. Felt kind of abrupt... Sequel maybe?

Curiosity101, 07 Jul 2015

well...time to read it again!

kidcthulhu, 07 Jul 2015

Fingers crossed for an Epilogue Page that shows a new boy getting groomed for Lucky's old spot and the new Executioner giving the new guy a knowing look? Or is that too cliche`d?

ViragoWerewolf, 07 Jul 2015

Am still feeling....I happened...

The_Time_Hunter, 07 Jul 2015

Whoa whoa whoa....what????? SERIOUSLY????!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

Phobikinetic, 07 Jul 2015


Captain Apricot, 08 Jul 2015

What a twist.

MicahTheStrange (Guest), 08 Jul 2015

*sobbing noises*

Shannon (Guest), 10 Jul 2015

Ending does seem a little abrupt. Sequel? I've read you work from the beginning and I can't believe it's over. I always loved your little plot twists and Oliver's insane smiles. They will be sorely missed.

This being said, I still don't think you should close your shop though. New readers will still want merchandize for such a unique comic. Your fans will still being able to show off your work and you'll still produce profit on it. Why stop?

Before I'll go, I'll leave you with my personal favorite scene, Lucky's dream of Oliver kissing him. I found the kiss strange, there wasn't enough development.

However, I enjoyed the squeals of joy from your many fans in the comments that were only to be crushed brutally on the next page when Oliver vomits crap lots of blood in his mouth. XD I've never laughed so hard in my life. I love your sadistic humor and I'm eager for more dark works from you.

crosschyld, 10 Jul 2015

@Shannon: Hmmmm.. I'm thinking perhaps the ending seemed abrupt because we didn't properly announce it was about to end? So maybe it came as a surprise. Also, it had been planned since the beginning though (as opposed to 'hey, we don't know how to end it. here's a good spot.' etc). So if those 2 reasons don't help, just think of it as Lucky got the 'bad end' of a video game XD

And the kiss scene was part fanservice, part seeing into Lucky's mind of his current situation. How he saw Oliver at the time of the dream. Insert long, detailed analysis here. lol

And we've thought about a sequel actually! Sort of a cat-and-mouse, Lucky-vs-Evil Oliver kind of thing. But it was more just what COULD happen, rather than plotting out a potential storyline.

Anyway! Thanks so much for reading and enjoying it enough to stick to the end! Our next comic definitely won't be as dark but hopefully has the same dark/snarky humor :P

Grace-Beauty, 22 Jul 2015

@crosschyld: OMg i just finished reading this and what a fucking twist. I loved it!

Though, since you left it at a spot where people can come to their own conclusions about what happens to Lucky, it would be really cool if you did that sequel.

But, either way, awesome job on this and can't wait to see the rest of your works!!

MegaAnimeFreak7, 23 Aug 2015

@Grace-Beauty: If that's the case, I believe Lucky made it out! >:(

cedarfall, 02 Sep 2015

NEEDS MOAR This comic needs a sequel. you can't just leave it hanging like that, MOAR!!!!

Amyko, 18 May 2017

2 years later... no sequel. *cries* Wahhh.

Huntered45, 01 Nov 2018

So everything about him was just a lie? Should've been obvious from the start.

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