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18 Jul 2014

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Check out the Shop!! Open now!! :D
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Shop is open! We have launched the BH shop!
Please check it out :D



Mahlyekidyavol (Guest), 18 Jul 2014

Ah! Comment virginity!! *clears throat* ahem >.> on a more serious note, he had to have expected that at least a little.

kuroange1, 18 Jul 2014

Yowch Clench your teeth boy, and start speaking fast or you'll get another one. (Or Page will just start yelling at you again, but hey progress is progress.) Lucky made it into the room at least :D
~You guys are so on time with your updates, thanks so much!

Animeflower101 (Guest), 18 Jul 2014

"You got knocked the fuck out!" xD It had to be said.

abysssolider, 18 Jul 2014

At least Lucky has the balls to tell everyone :O

Hyannah, 18 Jul 2014

The shop is looking awesome! (I bought some badges :D)
And I'm also loving how the comic is progressing. I always look forward to every Friday.

WarriorNun, 18 Jul 2014

Ouch ><

crosschyld, 18 Jul 2014

THANKS!! @Hyannah: Thanks so much for your support!! I will be shipping your order out tomorrow! :D -Jessi

Shannonismyname, 19 Jul 2014

why would you tell him that when you want him to help you?

Virtrue, 24 Jul 2014

I will say "props to ya Lucky" because he actually managed to be honest with people about him being responsible for the death n all... But really I still must say "gosh darnit Lucky" this is why we do not mess with the supernatural when we already know that the supernatural is deadly, especially in a situation like this. Why did you never watch horror/supernatural movies as a child Lucky?! Why?!

JustCallMeJ, 24 Jan 2018

Not gonna lie, he DID deserve that.

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