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20 Jun 2014

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Shannonismyname, 20 Jun 2014

ahhhhh I such an intense situation & hard core shipping from me :D

KuroRiya, 20 Jun 2014

Well, points to Lucky for being honest, at least. I mean, sure, he's a murderer by proxy, but at least he came clean. So he hasn't totally lost his humanity.

Oliver, on the other hand... Not even phased. I bet he already knew.

Oh well. Let the BL ensue.

daffodillion (Guest), 20 Jun 2014

If Oliver looked into which guests were now missing, no doubt he already knew it was Lucky.

Now the question is, Lucky? How do you plan to redeem yourself for all this?

Chilacha, 20 Jun 2014

Hotel room?! Whoa, whoa, whoa...wait. So Oliver's saying the Executioner has his own room in the hotel?
Was this mentioned before? I feel like this is news.
I thought he just came in at night to do his job.

MahlyekiDyavol (Guest), 20 Jun 2014

Well at least now we have some solid confirmation that Lucky is not the executioner..

mechanical (Guest), 20 Jun 2014

i have that feeling that the last time this happened the hotel owner went inside the executioner's room and got killed. and oliver knows that and is probably scared.

k-la-kinz69, 20 Jun 2014

Wonder if the Executioner ever calls for room service. Like, for a bottle of wine. He needs with all the crap he puts up with. lol

<3 I ship them so hard. Lucky just walks in and sits on Oliver's bed hahaha, speaking of which, yo Oliver, make your bed, man.

Anny (Guest), 20 Jun 2014

I ship them so much OTL...

Onyxlight, 21 Jun 2014

@Shannonismyname: Same here!

Guest, 22 Jun 2014

All the characters in this comic are each a different type of crazy. I love it!

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