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07 Mar 2014

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unicorn305 (Guest), 07 Mar 2014

Lucky nooo he has nothing to do with it!!

MegaAnimeFreak7, 07 Mar 2014


cali84, 07 Mar 2014

@MegaAnimeFreak7: LOL you just made my night

queenayame, 07 Mar 2014

Do it Yes!! DO IT, Lucky!! DO IT!!! >:D

greenwolf19, 07 Mar 2014

@MegaAnimeFreak7: SO TRUE, DON'T DO IT LUCKY!!!!!! WHY?!?!!?!???!?!??! PROMOTION MAN!!!! o0o

fan (Guest), 07 Mar 2014

@queenayame: yes i agree~! do it lucky~! time to make pay back for all that bitch and that asshole they cost you~!!! >:D

mechanical (Guest), 07 Mar 2014

why is everyone cheering on lucky to kill them/her? it's interesting to see how much this turned him around from being horrified of the murders that happen at the hotel, but it doesn't justify calling the executioner and getting them murdered.
and i'm also pretty sure that lucky will regret it once he's calmed down..

abysssolider, 07 Mar 2014

Promotion or not! KILL THE BASTARD! Hell Kill both of them!! >D Sure he has noting to do with it and hell having sex with her but its what she gets D<

Esilvain, 07 Mar 2014

okay as for the recent happenings:
i really dont think that lucky is right in what hes doing im just feeling like he will get punished for it or something like theyre not supposed to do that
i am really afraid of him

as for the comic overall
i have faved it before reading thought it would be cool to read it once
took me a while to actually get to read it and now im regretting that i left it hanging for so long
because i absolutely love this comic
your art style though makes it look like everyone is at least half their age sometimes which was confusing at the begining
neverless the art is gorgeous
looking forward to reading more

Alisumi, 07 Mar 2014

Wow it's like he's a totally different person...

TheMaskedPrince, 07 Mar 2014

I'm feeling torn about this. I really want her to suffer and get killed off but the poor dude doesn't even know how bad she is. Kinda hoping they'll just have a nice long depressing conversation about her.

Shannonismyname, 07 Mar 2014

I wouldn't come. Lucky...I don't agree with this. I mean Richard doesn't deserve to die! Also, even though we don't like his Ex she doesn't necessarily deserve do die for being a gold digger. I mean she deserves to be thrown in cow poop but not killed. Oh Lucky....Lucky....smh

lunabob, 07 Mar 2014

Make out with him please don't kill richard, lucky. Make out with him or something. Hell, even harming your ex is a bad idea.

LilyFlareVII, 07 Mar 2014

Please, follow me to your grusome demise. ^_^

Cutic105, 07 Mar 2014

Nooooo lucky not him D':

MelissaM, 08 Mar 2014

I feel like Lucky will lead him to the executioner, scare him a bit, then after nearly killing him say,"Now, get the hell out of my hotel and take your dog with you...Have a nice night." That or he'll get caught by Oliver or one of the other employees while trying to kill him.

This person again (Guest), 08 Mar 2014

Lucky please. Done do it. Think about all the horrid effects it will have on you later. Think of how differently the staff will look at you. You're sinking into the depths of murder bro. I mean, I know it furthers the plot (and this is a damn good plot) but please Lucky, think about what you're doing.

Kellysterhabit, 10 Mar 2014

But technically they wouldn't be breaking the rules on their own if Lucky coaxes them into it, would they?

WarriorNun, 12 Mar 2014

And that was after the promotion...

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