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21 Feb 2014

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Fynx Mirideon, 21 Feb 2014

Ho shit man, Lucky you are scary as hell right now. Just remember to clean up the mess when it's done, K?

KuroRiya, 21 Feb 2014

Weeeeell then. It looks like he's going to let his emotions get to him. May she rest in peace, Oliver have mercy on her soul.

I'm still holding up hope that he won't let his emotions get the better of him. Come on, Lucky!

abysssolider, 21 Feb 2014

Lucky baby calm down she may be a bitch but....ahh hell i cant be like this...

Lucky teach that bitch a lesson for hurting your beautiful face

Censor (Guest), 21 Feb 2014

I love this comic and i've been reading it as a lurker since day one, but seeing all these comment about how Lucky should murder his horrid ex, or how she deserves it is more then a little unnerving. No, not unnerving, depressing.
It's like everyone's ignoring the fact that Lucky is seriously traumatized and is going through an emotional break. He was Against all this murder and gore remember? Now he's stooping to the level of the other "employee's" in the hotel, and for what? Revenge? I don't like his ex either, but seriously, take a step back and watch his character and he spirals downward into despair, hate and what can only be described as evil. It's not something to be cheery about. It's sad. He was the "Good Guy", the Sane one. Now not so much.
He's developed a dysfunctional co-dependence to Oliver out of his desperation. Is he going to kill his ex? Maybe, Maybe he's just going to kick her and her leech out. Maybe not.
But really, everyone here acts like the woman committed some horrible sin against all of humanity. Like she kicks puppies and eats babies. but really, she's a a bitch that went to far and hurt someone. That's a lawsuit not a death sentence. Does everyone Really want to see Lucky fall just to get back at her? Really?

ToastyBuns, 21 Feb 2014

@Censor: You just said basically everything I've been thinking for the past few pages.
These comments are getting out of hand.

lunabob, 21 Feb 2014

@Censor: my thoughts exactly. For some reason everyone's treating her character like she's some evil mastermind and they all act like Lucky can do no wrong :/ I agree 200%

AlkseeyaKC, 21 Feb 2014

Lucky has gone mad. O n O

Reamberme, 21 Feb 2014

Oh Shiiiiiitt Is it bad that I was smiling so hard at the fact that Lucky is just a total badass? No? Just me?

crosschyld, 21 Feb 2014

Aaaah!! You guys have no idea how much I'm loving all the talk recently about Lucky's character development/morality!! *melts into puddle*

renchikolul, 21 Feb 2014

I can't help but wonder if this is how the other characters started out like Lucky but then with time had their morality warped.

LadyRed, 21 Feb 2014

Another lurker reader here...cause that's how I roll but I felt I needed to point out something.
My own little thought is that Lucky may be just going to actually kick them out and not realize what time it really is. After all, seeing her had been a shock to him and he really isn't thinking straight at the moment. It could be that he doesn't plan on getting them killed but that he may just really want to kick them out.

Either way, looking forward to see how this all plays out. ^^ *goes back to lurker reading*

LilyFlareVII, 21 Feb 2014

'Your' hotel? Wow, so you and Oliver are already sharing possesions? XB hur...

CrystalAngelNeko, 21 Feb 2014

@Censor: hmmmm I want to see him kill her... but not because I think she's some horrible bitch... but just because I like a good, gory, twisted story. I really think what she did was just human, and if Lucky was my friend, I would take him out and tell him to get over it. No need for revenge yo.

But for this story and its setting, I just want to see more twisted fun.

WarriorNun, 22 Feb 2014

Welcome to the dark side

RandomGuestAhoy! (Guest), 22 Feb 2014

Censor (Guest): You, yes you. I love you (in a totally platonic way of course).

Thank you for saying that, it was EXACTLY what I was thinking. But then again, most people get into the protagonist centered morality, so I'm not really surprised.

Still, I think being a little less blood thirsty is more healthy :´D

icefire8521 (Guest), 25 Feb 2014

It's almost 12:30. I wonder if Lucky is going to tell her to come outside. Or perhaps, just kick her out of the hotel?

I do agree with Censor's points.

lunabob, 26 Feb 2014

@crosschyld: I love comics and characters like this you have no idea ;v;

AsianIdiot16, 20 Apr 2014

oooh he's turning dark…. he'll probably force them out of there rooms so the executioner will get them...

Scooter-harts-salty, 23 May 2014

i didn't think about it the first time but he called it his hotel!!!!!!! cutie crazy baby

Amyko, 17 May 2017

OHHH He's becoming a little more like Oliver now!

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